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Gondola Tours

How do I dress in a gondola?

Casual or elegant

Can I bring food on the gondola?

No, except nuts chips fruits and chocolate pralines


Is smoking allowed during the tour?


No , tours are only for you and your party

Do I share the tour with other customers? 

Can I take videos and photos ?


Yes but please photograph mostly Venice not me, as for selfie stick users keep the stick inside and please don't swing it in front of my face as this can be destractingfrom giving you a secure tour.

Photos and videos where I am involved are strictly for your private use only, not to use on any social network / journalism / tv without my explicit permission 

Can I pay in advance? 

No, due to weather conditions tours can be cancelled the same day and therefore are never prepaid up front

No, the tour is paid in cash with Euro afterwards

Can I pay by credit card? 

Can I have a receipt?

No receipt is given for Gondola tours in Venice 

Can I cancel the same day?

Yes by @ or text message/sms without further explanations

Can I change my tours to another date?

Not advisable due to a tight scheduled in high season but I'll do my best

What happens if I am late?

Please call/text me otherwise I won't wait more than 5 minutes

What happens if the weather is bad?

If the weather isn't good  enough to provide a secure tour I will cancel.

If the weather is to uncomfortable for you please cancel.

Can I bring a baby on board?


Yes, the tour will be especially secure and canceled if weather is unstable.

Children of any age need to be able to stay on their seats during the whole tour.

Can I board the gondola if I have a  handicap ?



People with minor disabilities are asked to mention and reveal during their bookings, I will than choose the best embarking time for them

For differently able people  please check out the link section for

Can I propose to my partner and which tour is best for that?

Yes you can. Generally you request in advance a special tour to propose.

Which is the best tour for  explanation about Venice?

Discovery and Marco Polo tour 

Can I ask questions? 

Yes you might ask any questions you might have on any tour

Which tours are the best if I want to enjoy the tour with my friends?

The family tour 

Which tour is the best for Venice knowledgeable people who just want a great time ?

The optimum tour

Do you give discounts?

The classic gondola tour is the discounted tour

Can  I apply for also for 120 min tour?

Yes those tours are held only in the evening and cost 300€

Are you LGBTIQ friendly ?

Yes I am that's my family 

How do I get to Venice from the airport ?







From Marco Polo airport you have the fallowing options, from less expensive to expensive :

  • Take the local bus ACTV number 5 to Venezia Piazzale Roma (bus and car arrival)
  • Take the direct blue bus ATVO to Venezia Piazzale Roma (bus and car arrival)
  • Take the water shuttle Alilaguna to Venezia
  • Take a taxi car to Venezia Piazzale Roma (bus and car arrival)
  • Take a water taxi to Venezia 

Can I walk from Piazziale Roma ( bus and car arrival ) to my hotel in Venice?

If you have hand luggage only yes

Otherwise Venice provides a water bus system which is running 24/h


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