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On June 11 in 1996 I first set my foot on a gondola
at the time I wasn't gender confirming which became the biggest misunderstanding of my story

A beautiful unforgettable experience is my aim to give to you 

I am for equality and enjoy having all communities as my guests
I have a deep passion pride and total dedication being a gondolier


Came in my life in the year 2000
A gondola badly treated by her ex owner the destiny was to be demolished
But the most modern gondola maker of all times and my last rowing teacher Franco Crea  wanted to do an experiment changing only the bottom which was badly leaking...
A few weeks later
This gondola was laying upside down in the Cantiere Crea
I thought he looked tremendously powerful  like a whale or dragon
There was a magic I could feel touching his back made of different pieces of wood .
Franco Crea came by, he looked at me with his sever manner and said "Yes, maybe this gondola is too strong for you" than he smiled .
That reminded me of the Pegasus myth and the name was found
Pegasus  rider, however, falls off his back trying to reach Mount Olympus.
and I took it as a constant reminder that the gondolier isn't as important.


From the series The Gondolier
© 2013 Alex Hai &



You can't tame a lion with candy
Destiny is stronger than imagination


Puoi nominarmi un altro posto nel mondo
Dove si sposta un palazzo per lasciarmi passare?


Rowing forward into the past


Venezia senza Gondola
Non ha senso
E' come togliere il fatto di aver sognato a un sogno


La gondola
Androgina creatura
porta il sole nel buio più assoluto
tocca i angoli più nascosti nei nostri cuori


Spatzen sind meine einzigen Fahrgäste


Venezia mia
Bella sei tu


Navigo nel tuo sangue
E so chi sei


Xe nebbia
Venezia é andata per fare l'amore
E tutto é immerso in un unico colore


E la luna nasserà a sognar un altro dí


If you don't get lost in Venice
You never were here


I can bare you not seeing me
As I see me
But open your eyes
embrace Venice


Acqua alta
Venezia sommersa
mare é venuto
ad abbracciarti
passione al improvviso
con la luna a metà guardando dal altra parte
Il mare ti prende con forza
Non po' star a lungo vicino a te adagio
Sei sua
Il vento lo ha a favore
amichevole complice nel complotto
Quando si ama non c'è miglior momento che adesso
una marea tua e un altra ancora
Ancora Disagio
Come quando una coppia si diverte troppo nella stanza accanto
Tu continui a lasciarti andare
Le tue acque vanno ovunque
Il mare viene
I tuoi pellegrini brontolano
Qualcuno si bagna i piedi
Tua marea fa paura solo a chi ti vuole sfruttare e non può per adesso...


Venice is all about details and timing


In Venice
Even cold blooded hearts become melting colors
In the beginning night


The rolling suitcases so big they might move in
but strangely those people  spend just one night


Un brivido lungo la schiena
Un magico viaggio nel tempo
La musica detto silenzio
Solo il turista mi porta al dunque


Gondola cortigiana
Di mille e una notte
Storia -fatica e prostituzione
Più antico e più moderno
Sempre sotto accusa dei veneziani


Silence and fog
gondola snore
In her beauty sleep


Zu Wasser
kann ich die Hitze der Hölle schon spüren


Your wings above all battles
You taught me how to fly
Your Venice dropped in beauty
The silence of the oar

our enemies call you
the iron gondola
You are a highlight for many
And life without you will never be the same


You won't capture Venice with your selfie stick
magic shows only unexpected if you are ready

You instead
Sunken history
caught in a storm without thunder
I row in a heatwave
Sliding by with a heartbeat
Passing by a statue of a million lies
Shifting waters Marco Polo used to spit in
Selling dreams
I wish to navigate on you instead

Don’t zoom on me
Don’t click at me
Don’t click on me
Leave me out your selfie

Your views are embarrassing
your focus insignificant to me
I don’t need any your opinions
I don’t need waste some time on you
if all you want is you you you
You can not see
Don’t zoom on me
Don’t click at me
Don’t click on me
Leave me out your selfie

I am here to lift and shift you
I will blow you out your comfort zone
I make you dizzy I will stress you out
You might get lost with exhaustion
I will challenge all your senses
and your temper might boil up to the bone
Or I bore you to death
I am Time well spend
if all you want is you you you
You can not see
Don’t zoom on me
Don’t click at me
Don’t click on me
Leave me out your selfie

I give you magic
I show you dreams of outstanding beauty something you have never seen
if all you want is you you you
You can not see
Don’t click at me don’t zoom on me
Don’t click on me
Leave me out your selfie

I am ancient
I am timeless
an old star of this planet
I am always in fashion
if all you want is you you you
You can not see
Don’t zoom on me
Don’t click at me
Don’t click on me
Leave me out your selfie

I am the Queen
The queen of seas
I am Venice
Throw your flip flops and get dressed for me
I want your best for me
I want your impatience
I want to tempt your heart to stay still
Your superfluous is mine to kill
Get a heart and cry for me
feel the joy i feel
throw away
fake lover
smart addiction overdose
Just breathe in what you see
© Alex Hai 2019


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